The "Service Agreement" or “Contract for Services” is a contract between you (the Client) and MZ Migration International and applies to the use and offering of our professional services to provide Australia & New Zealand migration advice, visa assistance, occupational registration, related travel advice, and the performance or execution of other written instructions. You must read, agree with and accept the terms and conditions below, and any terms and conditions expressly contained in any further written service agreement provided to you. If you do not wish to be bound by these terms and conditions, please do not use or access our professional services.

Once you accept our Terms and Conditions, you will have agreed to appointing MZ Migration International to perform a service, for which an agreed fee will be charged. If you do not understand the fee that you are to be charged, then it is your responsibility to kindly contact us in writing, either to your direct migration agent or our Finance Department to request a further detailed written quotation.

We charge professional fees and disbursements for the migration advice, visa assistance, occupational registration and travel services that we provide, as a set rate or as otherwise agreed. The first installment of the retainer/file open fee is due before commencement of services and the following installments are due throughout the agreed contract stages or at file close (whichever has been expressly agreed to within your contract and fees of service).

Government and application fees, charges for Skills Assessments, postage, travel arrangements and other third party charges are not included in the above mentioned Fees for Service, and these secondary fees are required to be paid in addition to the contracted MZ Migration International service fees. These charges may also be collected and held in our 'client account', until payment to the associated authority or third party is required. All MZ Migration International fees are charged in United States Dollars (USD$), however any secondary application fees will be collected and paid in the corresponding currency from which the application requires.

MZ Migration International is a firm of registered Migration Agents and must comply with the professional Codes of Conduct. We will use our best endeavours to provide accurate migration advice and representation; however in no way, can we guarantee successful or expected Client outcomes for all applications in which we provide advice or representation. By proceeding to appoint and use the services provided by MZ Migration International, you agree to expressly indemnify the registered migration agents and staff, against any loss, financial or otherwise, that may be caused through any visa application refusal, or any outcomes that are less than expected.

You are requested to read a copy of the Migration Agent’s Registration Authority (MARA) Consumer Guide and AUS Code of Conduct, as well as the Immigration Advisers Authority (IAA) Professional Standards and NZ Code of Conduct (as applicable). By initialing this document and accepting to make payment for the agreed services, you acknowledge that you have obtained and reviewed the licensing regulation documents, and agree to the terms of our consulting services. 


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Questions regarding the above policies should be directed to - Please reference the specific policy in your subject line. 







MZ Migration International is committed to protecting the privacy of our clients and web site visitors and we operate in full compliance with the National Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act 1988 with regard to how we obtain and handle information. MZ Migration International reserves the right at any time and without notice to change this Privacy Policy simply by posting such changes on our web site. Any such change will be effective immediately upon posting.

Protecting confidential information is fundamental to our relationship with our clients and to our business. All information received in connection with consultations and client matters are subject to strict duties of confidentiality. We will not disclose that information except in accordance with our professional obligations, as authorized by the Client or as contained in this policy.

                                                                                   ​Use and Disclosure of Information:

We will use your personal information only for the purposes for which it was collected. We do not and will never disclose your personal information to any outside parties without your direct permission, unless it is necessary for us to do so in order to carry out our agreed service to you or otherwise as required by law. We will disclose personal information for the purposes in which it was collected, including:

  • Subject to our professional obligations, as necessary in connection with our provision of migration, occupational registration and travel services, such as to the Client, regulatory authorities, or advisors (whether in Australia, New Zealand, USA or other country as applicable).

  • On a confidential basis to external service providers so that they can provide financial, administrative or other regulatory services in connection with the operation of our business, for example photocopy, archive service providers and financial institutions.

  • As required by law, subject to our professional obligations, as permitted under the National Privacy Principles.

  • Within MZ Migration International staff as necessary. Other use and disclosure of your information will be with your consent only.

                                                                                             Information Security:

We take reasonable steps to protect all information which we hold for our clients and web site visitors from misuse, loss, unauthorized access, modification or disclosure. All information is held securely in electronic or physical form. We store information in an access controlled premises or in electronic databases requiring encrypted logins and passwords.

                                                                                             Credit Card Details:

MZ Migration International does not store credit card details of our clients after a file has been closed. Any credit card details collected for payment of our services or application fees to various authorities are utilized as necessary and discarded from our files. Any online payments completed on our URL are processed via secure web encryption.