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Register for our thorough eligibility assessment to see if you qualify for a visa or permanent immigration to Australia or New Zealand.  The eligibility assessment will assess your specific qualifications and criteria to determine your potential visa pathways, and ensure your application would have a reasonable likelihood of success before proceeding.  If you choose to continue with our migration representation services, the cost of your initial assessment will be credited to your account. Please complete the assessment form below and upload your supporting documents, to receive a complete written consultation explaining your visa eligibility, completed by our licensed AUS/NZ migration adviser.

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*Additional supporting documents can be 

e-mailed to consultation@mzmigration.com*

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*Please SUBMIT your assessment form before making payment or all data will be lost*. You must ensure that all fields with a red asterisk are completed in full (do not use autofill), or the form will allow you to proceed.  Due to the time involved in providing a detailed assessment, the consultation fee for a single eligibility assessment is USD$105.00, and dual assessments including both Australia and New Zealand are available for USD$155.00.  Please use your full name as the payment reference.  Paypal account is not required; you will also have the option to make payment online using a debit or credit card.  If you wish to pay using another method, please submit your form and contact us on accounts@mzmigration.com to arrange an alternative payment.  This initial consultation cost will be deducted from our representation fee, if you decide to proceed with MZ Migration International for full representation of your visa/migration applications.