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Michelle Lee Zaretzky, Director

 MZ Migration International is an independent professional Australia and New Zealand Immigration  consultancy firm.  We offer services from basic online advice for general eligibility and application  queries to full service visa and permanent residency representation. Additionally, we provide assistance  with occupational licensure assistance, medical registration, and student exchange for AUS & NZ by
 our registered Migration Agents.

 Our mission is to provide clients with an affordable and personalized service that is tailored to your  needs and expectations.  With today's communication technology, your physical location does not  pose any problems with working with us.  We work with clients all over the world, with a majority of  applications being completed through correspondence using post, fax, e-mail and telephone.  You can  also contact us through Skype video calls, so face to face contact is still possible, even if you are  located in another state or overseas. ​

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Australian MARA: 0958090 

New Zealand IAA: 200902620

Notary Public Commission

    MZ MIGRATION INTERNATIONAL            Wisconsin - united states                 ph: +1-262-623-6636
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