Finding and securing employment on your own can be difficult in any situation, but this is especially true if you are job searching from overseas. Most employers in Australia and New Zealand will require applicants to already hold a valid visa and legal right to work in the country before being considered for employment.  In many cases, this can result in a catch 22 situation if you require a job offer in order to qualify for a visa.    Experienced agents at MZ Migration and our AUS/NZ recruitment partners, can represent our clients in finding and securing employment in Australia and New Zealand, particularly negotiating sponsorship for a visa. We can source employment within any occupation and field, and will work closely with you to locate suitable jobs for you. 

Recruitment / Job Placement

If jobs of interest are found during the Job Matching process, you may contract our Recruitment services to pursue these positions on your behalf. Your MZ agent will represent you to potential employers, and correspond on your behalf regarding suitable positions. This includes arranging your necessary job interviews and the negotiating of employer sponsorship (if necessary). You may choose to enlist our Job Search services on a month to month basis.  Our Employment services start with a small fee of only $50.00 per month, in which we source potential jobs for you, circulate your CV to our partnering recruitment agencies, and apply directly to employers on your behalf.   Unless we are successful in placing you in employment in AUS/NZ, there are no further fees outside the monthly charge for our Job Search services.  In the case that you are offered and accept the employment, our final job placement fee will be 3% of your annual salary for the first year of contracted employment.

Resume / CV Assistance 

This is an extra service offered to assist our clients in writing a new resume from scratch or would just like assistance or advice with updating or revising their current resume to meet general Australian and New Zealand CV standards. This can be beneficial for both job searching and visa application purposes, whether you engage our employment services or choose to apply for jobs on your own.  This additional CV service is available to our clients for a fee ranging from $45 for basic revisions and updating to $105 for full resume drafting.

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